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Ontario Residential Property Application Form ADDRESS OF PROPERTY TENANT IS APPLYING TO RENT Today s Date Desired Date of Occupancy Tenant s Full Name s Social Insurance Number Date of Birth Present Address Present Phone Number Length of Time at Present Address Present Landlord s Name and Telephone Present Rent Parking is/is not included in rent. Including What Utilities Garage is/is not included in rent. Other Reason for Moving Previous Address The following individuals will be living at...
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Everyone it's jazz and I want to talk to you guys about the HST new residential rental property rebate that the investors in the GTA when they buy a new condo should be a planked form instead of trying to cheat the system so what happens is mostly many people claim that they're going to move into the condo when they're actually not so they don't have to pay HST on closing but the problem is that CRA is really cracking down hard and if you have invested in a property it's better for you to claim it as an investment and then lease it out and apply for the new residential rental property rebate so in this video we're going to talk about what forms need to be completed and how to complete them so I made a quick little list here you would have to complete the GS GST for 524 then there's also a Ontario rebate schedule RC seven five to four and you can just google search these you know just type in GST five to four and a pop up and what else you have to send along with the package is the agreement of purchase and sale your original from the Builder and secondly statement of adjustment and finally the agreement to lease minimum one year and this lease agreement has to be arm's length you cannot leave it to somebody who is blood relation so there you go folks so let's jump right into it let's complete the GST four and five to four and let me just pull that up I already have them in Safari back here okay so this is what the GST form looks like and like I mentioned before you just go to google GST rebate form probably will do it just as well see right here so you see it at this CRA website right here you raise an interview eight this is what you'll get you click on the fillable form and now you can just go in there and type it in I've noticed though the form I started filling one out doesn't fill out that well in Safari I'm on a Mac here but it will fill out any chrome very easily so I have it pulled up in Chrome and as you could see this is what it looks like in chrome so this is the main form so you start off with section name your social insurance number language preference and then your full legal name so I'll just your last name first just like they say there in the instructions here and if you bought this with your wife you would put that person's last name or if you had a partner you would put that person's name and if there's more than one partner somebody else as well you know you will put that there so this would be your address so that's my office address I'm just putting it and your contact name but once again your telephone number property information now where you going to get this information this is on your agreement to purchase and sale and also on your closing documents so just say for example I have a condo at 50 town center court which so that would be that's because I specialized in Scarborough town centre condos so that's Toronto province Ontario and one something Adam okay this is your relevant date is when you closed on that condo...
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